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MindTheBaron's first spoken word album, Adenium, is now available!  Also, since MindTheBaron's payment processor isn't working yet, the album is available for free until the payment processing is fixed.  Shhhhh, don't tell anybody!  (Just kidding, please tell everybody!)


If you would like to pay for the album anyway, you can send payment via ; the suggested price for Adenium is $19.99 USD.  Please mark your payment as a gift; NOT as payment for services.  Thank you for your support!  <3

Inspired by isolating for Covid and by concept albums from the past, Adenium is a low-fi, stripped down, intimate hypnotic conversation designed for listening on repeat during your next long weekend of mesmeric relaxation.



1 induction breathe deduction

2 stirring swirling

3 fraction nation

4 spiral highway

5 half a mhm

6 adenium

7 switched off

8 la fridgite morte

9 waken


Content Warnings and Listening Restrictions:
Please don't listen to Adenium while driving, operating heavy machinery, or engaging in any other activity when listening to Adenium would make said activity unsafe to perform.


Adenium includes hypnotic language and hypnotic suggestions.  The following content list is intended as a warning for prospective listeners; this album contains:
- hypnosis, hypnotic inductions, and hypnotic suggestions
- suggestions that the listener will be easily influenced by the voice and the words heard on the album

- hypnotic and confusing language

- imagery of the hypnotist reaching into the listener's mind and manipulating thoughts

- extensive, repetitive fractionation

- imagery of the listener restrained via seat belt as a passenger in a car traveling at highway speeds

- hypnotic suggestions of gravity pulling on the listener in unusual directions

- hypnotic suggestions that the listener will be influenced by non-word sounds produced by the hypnotist, and by the pitch of the hypnotist's voice

- use of the Moon, desert, plants, trees, bonsai, and celestial bodies as hypnotic imagery

- hypnotic suggestion that the listener focus on a mantra and repeat it if comfortable

- hypnotic suggestion that the listener experience amnesia while moving parts of their body

- hypnotic suggestion that the listener experience arousal and orgasm during catalepsy

- hypnotic suggestion that the listener continue to be influenced by suggestions from the album after finished listening if they choose

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